Environment and Climate Change Policy

In recent years growing attention has been placed on carbon emissions and climate change. The importance of operating in an environmentally sustainable manner is a well-recognized aim of AKITA. Consequently, the Corporation has committed to operating in ways that reduce its impact on the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Modern Slavery Report


Sustainability Report

AKITA has implemented numerous environmental initiatives designed to reduce its impact on the environment and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including:

  • reducing its environmental footprint through utilization of pad rigs designed to maximize drilling performance by drilling multi-lateral wells from a single environmental footprint,
  • using bi-fuel, natural gas or high-line electrification to power its rigs in order to reduce overall diesel fuel consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
  • utilizing spill prevention technology to reduce or eliminate the adverse environmental effect of spills,
  • implementing noise suppression technology or barriers to mitigate noise pollution in populated areas, and
  • designing our rigs to move in fewer truckloads when moving, thereby reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

Each quarter the Corporation completes an Environmental Stewardship Report which identifies any environmental issues which may have arisen and confirms whether the Corporation acted in compliance with its internal environmental regulations and with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.


Social Policy

AKITA prides itself on being a good corporate citizen and is especially proud of the relationships the Corporation has forged with First Nation, Métis and Inuit people over the last twenty-five years to ensure these groups benefit from resource development occurring near their traditional territories. AKITA is a long-time proud supporter of the Shock Trauma Air Rescue Services Foundation, commonly known as the STARS Foundation, and is a supporter of Calgary’s Children’s Hospital among other local and provincial charities. Integrity, respect and commitment are AKITA’s core values which are demanded of management and employees when conducting business.


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