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Custom Rig Construction & Retrofit

At AKITA, our growth comes from a strategy that’s focused on both building new rigs and retrofitting existing rigs to meet the specific requirements of discerning customers. It is this high level of specialization and a legacy of consistently strong engineering that have enabled us to secure long-term contracts with customers who request specific rig configurations while simultaneously creating opportunities for continual upgrades within our own fleet.

Over the past twelve years, we’ve designed, built or modified over 27 rigs, with over $190 million allocated to this work. This included 10 new builds, 8 existing rigs retro- fitted into pad rigs, 7 new built pad rigs with moving systems and 2 new pad rigs currently under construction.

SAGD Operations

Rig 28 Working in the Oil Sands

Rig 28 Working in the Oil Sands

We specialize in the construction and retrofit of heavy oil pad drilling rigs associated with Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) operations. Currently, our rigs are used in operations spanning Fort McMurray, the Alberta oil sands region, and more recently have grown to include shale gas operations in the Horn River Basin area of Northeast British Columbia.

The types of rigs we construct for these operations are unique for their versatility in a range of geographical regions – specifically operations involving multiple wells on a single pad location. This is made possible through use of a self-moving system that allows all tubulars to be racked inside the derrick during the move process from well to well within the pad.

Horizontal Shale Gas

AKITA is an active player experienced in drilling horizontal shale gas wells, with a fleet of deep capacity triple rigs in the areas of Alberta and BC; including the Montney, Duvernay and Horn River regions.

Based on our proven results and experience, we’ve been successful in obtaining long-term contracts for various operators with these deep capacity triple rigs and employ a committed team whose expertise is invaluable to our projects in this area. On the strength of this large and growing team, we’re able to continually deliver safe, efficient operations for all customer projects.

Rig 90 – Ultra Deep Pad Rig



Rig 30 – Slant Single


If you have any questions on the type of rigs we have built or how we can design a rig to meet your drilling needs, please contact our marketing group at (403) 292-7979 or akitainfo@akita-drilling.com