AKITA Drilling Ltd


AKITA: Relentlessly Pursuing Excellence

We’re committed to excellence in all that we do – whether on the job, in the boardroom or in the community. Our path to success is rooted in the relationships we build with all of our stakeholders, from the customers and shareholders  we serve to the 800+ individuals we employ.

Committed to Our Customers

AKITA’s longstanding strength lies in our ability to bring superior service to discerning customers across North America.

We are committed to offering our customers:

  • Courteous, professional service from initial contact to project completion;
  • Safe, well trained employees focused on meeting your drilling needs;
  • The newest and most innovative drilling equipment in Canada;
  • Access to a broad range of self-moving pad rigs and conventional rigs in all depth ranges;
  • Opportunities to work collaboratively to obtain the services of a new, custom designed drilling rig to meet your specific drilling requirements.

Proud of Our Partnerships

We take pride in our long history of working together with our First Nations, Inuit and Métis partners.

Our joint ventures:

  • Provide financial rewards, employment and training opportunities for our partner organizations and their people;
  • Use equity-based structures that bring long-term benefits to all participants;
  • Enhance our ability to provide drilling services in some of Canada’s most prospective regions.

Driven by Our Employees

More than a business, we are a team unified behind the values of integrity, respect and commitment. Our employees hold these values close and have been crucial to establishing AKITA as leaders in our industry and good stewards in our community.

We work continually and tirelessly to ensure:

  • Respect for the safety and wellbeing of each employee, their fellow personnel and other individuals at each work site;
  • A working culture that values the integrity of each person and fosters a climate of respect;
  • Opportunities are given to develop each individual’s skills and abilities;
  • Opportunities for advancement are made available to ensure the strengths of individuals continually strengthen  the company.

Responsible to Our Shareholders

Our shareholders are fundamental to our ongoing success as a premier quality drilling company.

Our commitment to you is to:

  • Ensure AKITA is governed using a first-class governance structure;
  • Be disciplined in our finances, with limited use of leverage to acknowledge the cyclicality of the industry in which we operate;
  • Develop and maintain a modern, efficient rig fleet;
  • Ensure an ongoing stream of dividend payments that are both consistent and increasing over the long-term whenever possible.